Why On The House Websites?

We launched On The House Websites because we heard from so many people that had terrible experiences while creating their own websites. While there are many businesses that require a complicated and large page count website we found that many to most small businesses only needed the basics. It became clear to us that small business people were limited to two horrible choices.

  1. To pay out thousands of dollars to a web coder or designer who knew nothing about web marketing.
  2. To go to a FREE website template company and be forced to build and write their own website.

The results for both of the above choices were more often than not nothing.

Do you know any carpenters who also install transmissions in trucks? How about any dentists that can build an airplane? Probably not, right? So why would any carpenter, transmission expert, or dentist think they can create or compose a website?

Just as bad were the people who dealt with so-called web experts. After a decade in this business we have visited thousands of sites produced by artists and programmers. Because technical and creative people are often terrible at marketing, having one or the other in charge always created the same web outcome…sites that looked and worked great but that did little to produce business.

The ON THE HOUSE WEBSITES SOLUTION is simple. We put people in charge who know how to make your business money. Then we have great coders and designers do the part they do best. Forget about the frustration of dealing with artists and techies. Finally end the mind numbing experience of attempting to build your own website.

And get it all 100% FREE.

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