Service Area

Service Area Page

The Service Areas page is a great way to boost your search engine optimization or SEO for the areas around you. Having a list of cities tells search engines like Google how far your reach is, so if someone searches for your services a few cities away from you, you’ll still show up in their results because the search engine sees you as still being relevant in that area.

This page helps to build your credibility and your value by showing customers that you have a certain area you focus on. You are local to them, meaning you’ll care about them more than that big company that’s all over the globe. You can also use this page to tell customers that land on your site what cities you serve, so you can put their mind at ease by letting them know if their city made the list or not.

The Service Area page writing and creation is included in your Free On The House Website should you choose it as one of your 6 pages. There will be an additional cost to include a area map.

There are a couple of options you can add on this page, see below for examples.


  • List City Names by County


  • List City Names by County
  • Include an Area Map