Premium Menu

Premium Menu

If a menu applies to your business, it is important to include this page on your website. Potential customers search for the websites of restaurants or food service places to see menus for multiple reasons. They often like to see what you offer before heading there to eat, are looking for a specific dish, or may like to place an order for pick up or delivery. Convenience for your customers is key and including a menu on your site provides that convenience.

This page is better than adding a simple image of your menu to the site. Since over half of web searches today are done from a mobile device, you want to be sure your customers can easily view your menu from their smartphone. An image or PDF on your website just doesn’t cut it – no one wants to spend the time fighting with their phone and scroll from side to side to see what they might want for lunch. Avoid frustrating your customers before they’ve even ordered by making your online menu interactive and usable from any device.

This is also better than the simpler Menu option, which simply lists your items. The Premium Menu looks more like a physical menu from a restaurant, which is more immediately recognizable to your customers, and therefore easier to use. It also looks better, making your dishes more appetizing and keeping your customer more interested in coming to you. As many in the food service industry will say, presentation is key.

There are a couple of options you can add on this page, see below for examples.


  • With or Without Images
  • List with Descriptions