Membership Plugin

The membership plugin brings your website’s protection to a new level. Rather than supplying the same login for all of your customers like the simple Password Protected page, with this plugin each of them will receive their own individual username and password in order to get into your website. This option eases your customers’ minds that their information is protected, as well.

With this plugin, you can protect any type of page. You can also protect pages based on categories, such as protecting certain products of your shopping cart so only certain members can see them. Or protect an entire portion of the website, such as an employee-only part. Protect your ebooks or articles so that only your subscribers can read them. There are a multitude of ways to make the memberships plugin work for you.


You can protect any type of page

  • Individual Login For Each Member
  • Subscriptions
  • NonPayments or Payments (PayPal or Merchant)
  • Membership Levels