A form’s number one job is to make taking an action on your site easier for the customer to accomplish. This action can be requesting a quote, setting an appointment, sending you a message, or uploading a file for submission. By using a form, you’ve made it easier for a customer to achieve their goal on your site by simply giving them directions to follow. Because forms are so widespread across the internet, your customer already knows how to use them. They don’t have to learn how to use your site to take an action, they can just do what they do on a regular basis.

A form can be a powerful tool on your website, as there are so many ways to use it and so many kinds of data that it can collect.

A Form page creation is included in your Free On The House Website should you choose it as one of your 6 pages. There will be an addition cost if you would like to add on a file upload field, or if the form has more than 15 fields on it.

There are a couple of options you can add on this page, see below for examples.


  • Multiple Fields
  • Checkboxes
  • Radial Select
  • CAPTCHA Check (Anti-Spam)


  • File Upload
  • Conditional Logic (If This, Then That)