Events & Online Registration

Events & Online Registration

The Events and Online Registration page is a much more advanced calendar than the Google Calendar integration. This page allows you to do much more than simply post your events. You can be much more detailed about your event, even including a picture right on the calendar. The details page for each event is branded to the site, making the whole experience feel more intuitive and looking more professional. The details page can also include a map showing the location of the event, helping your users immediately see where the event will be held.

Besides seeing the event, your users can also register for them right from the events page. If the event requires tickets, they can also purchase them, right from the event page on your website. This upgrade streamlines the whole process, so your users can stop figuring out how to sign up for something and just sign up for it.

There are a couple of options you can add on this page, see below for examples.


  • Calendar
  • Images on Calendar
  • Individual Event Pages
  • Register For An Event (PayPal or Merchant)