Employment Page

Employment Page

Designating a page for employment opportunities makes it convenient for job seekers to apply directly to you. You can do a simpler job listing using only text. Let potential candidates know:

What positions you’re hiring for.
What days and hours you’re looking to fill.
What qualifications you need from any applicants.
Any other pertinent information regarding the position, pay, benefits or otherwise.

Having a form allows your search for new employees to be completed fast and efficiently. The form option right on your website simplifies the process even more than the basic options. Not only will potential employees be able to see their available opportunities, but they will have the opportunity to apply directly from your site.

You can also have a place for potential candidates to upload files so they can submit a resume, references, a cover letter, or any other pertinent files.

The Employment page writing and creation is included in your Free On The House Website should you choose it as one of your 6 pages. There will be an additional cost if you wish to include a form or list current available positions.

There are a couple of options you can add on this page, see below for examples.


  • Only Text
  • Form


  • Upload Feature
  • Job Listings