If your business would like to use your website as a way for customers to buy your products, the ecommerce page is necessary. This turns your site into an online shopping opportunity that will increase your sales. With how common online shopping is nowadays, you can’t go wrong with including this on your new site.

The ecommerce page is extremely varied and powerful – you can have a small online store with very few, simple items, or a large one with many items and many variations on each item. You can add in different shipping methods, even different shipping rates based on weight or dimensions, even on the location you’ll be shipping to. There’s also different payment methods that can be added, to give your customers the option to shop the way they want to.

The more complex the store is, the more time it will take to set up, but giving customers the ability to buy from your site easily makes them more likely to actually buy from you, rather than give up on you and go to someone else who gives them that option.


The list below are several options that can be added to an ecommerce page. The images below show how the page can look as a customer browses for a product.

  • Products or Catalog
  • Categories
  • Search function
  • PayPal
  • Your Merchant (Depending on Available Plugin)