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Blogs are becoming more and more popular on different websites throughout the web. These stories can be written about anything to cause attraction to your website. Customers interested in your industry can continuously come back to your site for updates and trends, which then creates more and more customers for your business. This feature adds something extra to your site because it can be about anything you want it to be. Want to give clients or fans updates about your business? Want to keep your audience up to date on an issue important to you, or on a current development? Do it all on your blog.

Because it adds interesting content to your site, a blog is also an excellent way to improve your organic search engine optimization or SEO.

The number one thing that helps with SEO is more relevant, original and interesting content. The point is to get people to read the content and stay on your site longer, which raises search engine trust in your website and raises your rankings. Having different things that you post (text, photos, audio, video) helps keep your content more interesting and varied, which search engines see as being high-quality content.

This increases your long-tail or long-chain keywords – regularly posting about topics in your field naturally increases the keywords you’ll be using without you even realizing it.

It shows Google (or other search engines) that your site is regularly updated and still active, which means it will trust it more. Search engines don’t like to waste rankings on sites that look like they haven’t been touched for a few months.

You can use this as a way to provide outbound links (such as linking to an article or another blog you find interesting or that you disagree with or that you just want to comment on). Outbound links are another way to increase search engine trust in your site.

The Blog page creation is included in your Free On The House Website should you choose it as one of your 6 pages.

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